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Endless Innovations, Inc. began as an innovator in suspension design of the top Three Tier of NASCAR racing; Sprint Cup, Nationwide, Truck series. Our distribution began with one customer CV Products, in 2002. We developed a Lower Control Arm for this arena. Very cutting edge manufacturing process never used in NASCAR racing before gave Endless Innovations a competitive advantage for quite some time. We continued with this business plan for 5 years. While the customers needs changed, Endless developed new products for the ever-changing market of NASCAR. We worked with multi-time Truck Series Champion Germain Racing. In our first year with our newest product, together won the Truck Series Championship. A First for both Germain Racing and Endless Innovations. This new success grew our customer base and set Endless into a new frontier of business with individual teams and businesses. This new business model generated new markets and new needs. Therefore, Endless product lines grew into different racing venues and many new products. We developed stock replacement lower control arms, spring helix, spring inserts, upper control arms, low friction upper control arm assemblies and kits, truck trailing arms, custom ball joints and many more. We continually work with racers and chassis manufacturers to supply cutting edge products using the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes.

As a racer for over 38 years of my life and an engineer for over 20 years, I have lived on the edge behind the wheel and developing cutting edge products for over two decades working as an engineer for not only Endless Innovations, Inc.; Phantom Racing Chassis, and CV Products, Inc. and Honda of America Mfg. If I will race my own products at over 200 mph, then I feel you should feel confident we have the background and knowledge to give you the same competitive advantage our customers have come to expect and enjoy.

Thank you,

Lonnie Rush