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7.1 Replacement Adjustable Penske Shock Shafts

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Endless Innovations, Inc. began building Replacement Adjustable shock shafts for Penske Shocks. Due to manufacturing processes and needs for a large array of lengths due to the event of Bumpstops becoming legal again in NASCAR Sprint Cup. We initially marketed the shafts to cup teams and had very good success. Then as more and more racing divisions allowed bumpstops, we had the method and process down to build lengths in between OE shafts if needed. We have many in stock for 7300, 7500, and 8760 series shocks. And if you need a odd length in a different series for a different eyelet, we can custom make the metering rod to your needs.

We have some new creative bumpstop and bumpstop equipment in our other section on the site.


Adjustable Penske Shock Shaft Length Table (PDF)

Click here for more information (PDF)

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